Being a leader or how to conjugate the “I” in the service of the “We”.

  • Team and Organizational Coaching – June 2, 2020
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Being a leader or how to conjugate the “I” in the service of the “We”.

How to go from the juxtaposition of individuals or a simple membership group to a genuine, even excellent team? How can you foster cooperation, cohesion and collective intelligence to achieve your transformation objectives?

These are the delicate missions of a leader whose “mysterious paradox”, as Pierre-Yves Gomez explains, is to be “a person so singular that he or she is a product of the collective”.

So what are the characteristics of such unusual people?

What makes the difference in a leader is not only his operational capacity to lead a structure, but above all his humanity -authentic- that invests in the relationship and his charisma that unites people.

There are no magic recipes to become an effective and virtuous leader, but here are a few keys in my opinion:

  • To rely on collective intelligence which allows co-creativity, team cohesionand motivation.
  • To give a central place to emotions in your management
  • To choose trust as a driving force that generates empowerment
  • To start by managing yourself
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To manage yourself, what does that mean?

Quite simply, before conjugating the “We”, we must conjugate the “I”!

And the good news is that adopting a leader-animator posture can be learned and developed… So, dear leaders, dear leaders, dare to be accompanied!

Why and for what to be accompanied?

  • To benefit from an external viewpoint to objectify a situation and regain confidence
  • To break with the feeling of isolation and to be able to talk freely and confidentially about one’s thoughts, doubts, difficulties?
  • To increase your skills by improving your ability to motivate, communicate, manage tense situations or relationships…

Because as Joe Jaworsky says, “Before you can lead others, before you can help them, you have to discover yourself.”

So, are you ready to opt forself-management?

Clotilde Boyer

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