To choose the serenity to accompany your expatriation

With the increased need for professional mobility, many employees, their spouses and families are daring the adventure of expatriation. But moving to Canada, the United States, Brazil, Australia… or anywhere else in the world is a real challenge, especially for dual-career couples. From departure to return, expatriation requires, beyond the logistical aspect, a human preparation, both mental and emotional.

How to prepare your departure for expatriation? How can you give yourself the means to succeed in your professional project and anticipate your return from expatriation? Clotilde Boyer, a professional coach and member of the Expat Communication Coach Academy, helps your employees, their spouses and their families in the challenge of their international mobility.


To facilitate the international mobility of the expatriate employee

Are you considering moving to France? Are you looking to help your employee make the most of his or her transfer abroad? Because an expatriation is a real professional and human transplantation, you need to be accompanied.

Coaching & Becoming offers tailor-made Expat Coaching.

You wish to be supported for :

  • To prepare your expatriation project on a human and professional level

  • To learn how to manage your stress in the face of the pressure of this new challenge

  • To achieve a balance between personal, social and professional life in this new environment

  • To anticipate your return and enhance the value of your international experience in your career

To enable expatriates to live these changes well, before, during and upon return from expatriation, Coaching & Becoming provides personalized support, taking into account your motivations, your apprehensions, your needs and your constraints. Through coaching sessions tailored to your expectations, I help you find your balance and facilitate your professional integration internationally.


To provide support for the professional transition of the expatriate spouse

A double or even triple change of life, isolation, difficulty in finding a professional activity and learning a new culture … the expatriate spouse is often left to his or her own devices. Because an expatriation is a real professional and human transplantation, it needs to be guided.

Coaching & Becoming helps the expatriate spouse before, during and upon return from expatriation.

You wish to be supported for :

  • To be flexible in the face of the uncertainties, loss of reference points and questioning generated by the arrival in a new country.

  • To activate your resources to find the right balance between your personal, social, professional and family spheres.

  • To make an assessment of your transferable skills and employability abroad

  • To reinvent yourself and choose a coherent, realistic and stimulating professional project

Coaching & Becoming provides support for the personal and professional development of the expatriate spouse. I help you bounce back so that you come out enriched by the human, cultural and professional experience that expatriation can be. How about building your international project together?


To take into account and manage the change of the expatriation for the family unit

Moving abroad is an adventure… for the whole family! It is a mixture of excitement and apprehension, and is a source of turbulence that can sometimes be destabilizing. For a successful transition for both parents and children, it is essential to take into account the aspirations of each and to make it a true common, unifying project.

Coaching & Becoming will guide you and your children together, so that everyone finds his or her right place.

As a family, you wish to be guided to :

  • Do not suffer this change but lead it serenely together

  • To identify and be attentive to each person’s apprehensions in order to adapt together to this new environment.

  • To bring out your respective desires for fulfillment in order to build a family expatriation project that suits your needs.

  • To have keys so that everyone can easily find their feet in their new life abroad.

To welcome everyone’s emotions, open up the field of possibilities and co-construct a shared project, Coaching & Becoming offers you a space for listening and constructive dialogue to be experienced during a real family team coaching!


What kind of financial support for your accompaniment?

Your challenges

Are you interested in financing solutions?

Each person, each team, each project and each context is unique.

Every coaching as well.

That is why I work to measure and build a proposal tailored to your needs.

Our financing solutions

Depending on your objectives and the support format (coaching, consulting, training), there are different financing solutions because we are a registered training organization, validated by Datadock.

Do not hesitate to contact me and discuss this financial issue very simply so that we can study together what solution to implement.

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Expat Coaching: a specific and personalized approach

  • As expatriation offers the opportunity for very rich and sometimes disconcerting intercultural discoveries,
  • As expatriation is a place where blockages, shortages and aspirations are multiplied,
  • As expatriation is a challenge, at the crossroads of the personal, professional, social and family spheres,

Expatriate employees, their spouses and families need specific support as offered by Coaching & Becoming.

Thanks to my certified training at the Expat Communication Coach Academy and several years of experience in change management and my own experience of expatriation, I am able to provide you with personalized support, in individual or group coaching.

The greatest traveller is not the one who has been around the world 10 times. But the one who has only gone around once…


They testify

« A new outlook and new professional goals: these are the fruits of Clotilde’s support. Thanks to a motivating and dynamic career path, I have also regained confidence in my abilities. »

Marion, spouse of an expatriate employee of Naval Group, back from 7 years of expatriation

« The process, very well balanced between the emotional and the factual, allowed me to get to know myself better, to take a step back and take into account my entire experience. Clotilde is clever and warm: she gave me a lot of self-confidence and, thanks to her, I have identified my new professional career orientation in France! »

Anna, marketing and sports events director, of English origin and resident in France

To meet to answer your expectations

Are you about to go abroad?
Do you want to take advantage of your expatriation to think about a new professional project?
Do you want to anticipate your return to France and bounce back professionally after your expatriation?
I will be pleased to receive you to consider together the best way to make your international mobility a success.

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