Personal and professional support

Coaching & Becoming aims to help young people: middle school students, high school students, students and young professionals to support them in the development and communication of their professional project or in their reorientation.. As a coach with active listening and an awakened analytical mind, I am pleased to offer to young people between the ages of 15 and 25, the ways in which they can get to know each other better, choose their orientation and build their personal and professional life projects.

Together, let’s build your professional project

  • Lost in front of the huge possibilities of studies and professional disciplines… and open toa school orientation test?

  • Confronted with a decisive crossroads in your life, a desire to reorient yourself, a source of uncertainties and fears… and looking for keys to help you make decisions?

  • Wishing to better identify your qualities and faults and to build your professional project thanks to a school orientation assessment?

  • Needed to motivate your post-bac orientation choices on Parcoursup’ … and need a little help like academic coaching?

Through a fully personalized orientation coaching, Coaching & Becoming offers you :

  • To find coherence with your personality, skills and personal interests

  • To highlight the factors that will determine your future professional choice.

  • To explore the career opportunities available to you.

  • To co-construct a motivating and relevant professional life project

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Support in writing your CVs, cover letters, etc.

  • Wantto write your CV, but no idea how to structure it so that it is relevant and well presented?

  • Motivated to apply to the school of your dreams, but stuck by the ordeal of writing a motivation letter?

  • Wondering about the content to add to your CV and the form to give it and looking for sound advice to optimize your chances of success?

  • Interested in promoting your professional career in writing, but in search of a method and an outside viewpoint to find the common link?

Coaching & Becoming helps you personally in the writing of your CV, and your motivation letters, at your image. Like a professional writing training, I provide you with a method and keys for :

  • To write coherent, relevant and meaningful written texts

  • To put all the chances on your side to enhance the singleness of your profile

  • To prepare you for the challenges of the professional world

  • To enable you to access the targeted establishments and companies

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Preparation for orals and admission or recruitment interviews

  • Worried about your interview for the school you want to apply to?

  • Feel the need to overcome your lack of self-confidence that prevents you from being confident in oral communication?

  • Need to write the adjusted storytelling that would allow you to get the job of your dreams?

  • Want to benefit from preparation sessions for the orals of your next competition?

Through method and understanding, Coaching & Becoming helps you to :

  • To determine the strong points of your personality and your career path

  • To build a real sales pitchfor your interviews

  • To experiment, evaluate and improve your speaking skills through role-playing situations.

  • To work on your stress, managing your emotions, breathing and intonation

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To help you write your Linkedin profile and use social networks

  • Are you interested in applying online but need a method and keys to act?

  • Hesitating about which arguments to choose to convince an employer?

  • Feeling stuck at the idea of making yourself visible on the net and looking for reassuring and efficient support to activate your networks?

  • Looking for relevant advice on how to write your LinkedIn profile?

Through its experience and its method, Coaching & Becoming helps you to :

  • To present in an authentic way your career path, profile and professional project, online
  • To answer the specific requirements of digital recruitment and the professional world to enhance the value of your application on the web.
  • To identify job offers and approach recruiters in an individualized way

  • To control the use of social networks to build your e-reputation
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Principle and method of orientation coaching

The goal of Coaching & Becoming is to help you find your professional balance. Therefore, my approach consists, thanks to a constructive and benevolent dialogue, in highlighting your 3 points of support:

  • Your professional personality and values
  • Your skills
  • Your motivations, your dreams, your interests

More than an academic orientation assessment, orientation coaching, whether it is purely individual or semi-collective, is a process during which you will be the actor of your own path and your own choices!


Process of our orientation coaching

I recommend 4 to 5 individual or semi-collective sessions validated by an objective contract and divided into 6 key steps:

When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the question, I said they didn’t understand life.

John Lennon

They testify

« I appreciated being coached by a trusted person to discover myself and work on my self-esteem. Clotilde gave me the keys to grow and express my talents. »

Vincent, Business prep school student.

“In this orientation coaching, I really felt accompanied in a personalized way. I appreciated the very original and interesting methods, not to mention the fascinating professional personality analysis! »

Priscille, Final year of secondary school

Let’s meet!

How about you give yourself the means to become who you are?

Convinced that nothing is better than a face-to-face meeting for you to check if the feeling is passing and to envisage a path together in the framework of your professional orientation, I encourage you to take a first step by joining me to book an appointment.