Coaching and Becomingsupports your quest for identity and your projects for identity and your projects.

I practice my job as a personal development coach and consultant with enthusiasm! Whether you need school guidance coaching, career development advice, or want to drive change within your teams and organization, I am available to support you. Let’s meet and, together, opt for + ways to be!

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Confidence: my vision, my mission, my approach


I believe in the ability of every person and every team to evolve. As a reliable passer-by, I am at your side and accompany you – alone or as part of a team – in your quest for identity and horizon to find your right place, to be an actor in your journey and to become who you are.

« Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they’ll surely come true. » said Martin Luther King.

  • Self-confidence

  • Confidence in each other

  • Confidence in the future

To help you reveal yourself and give the best of yourself.

As your coach, I aim to offer you, through my professionalism, my positivity and my energy, a valuable listening space for :

  • Clarify your expectations, your needs

  • Locate your sticking points and help you to make your operation more flexible

  • Activate your resources, reveal your talents

  • Opening perspectives and daring to project oneself towards tomorrow

  • Identify and implement your own solutions

  • Achieve your goal of personal or professional change on your own.

My external and kindly eyes guide you and give you the framework and impulse you need to move forward in sensitive periods of evolution, transition and orientation.

And because each person, each team, each project is unique, I want to accompany you in personalized coaching to move forward efficiently and with confidence. This will give you the confidence and energy to set your own course with energy!

  • Active, encouraging listening

  • Kindly positive outlook

  • Meaningful questioning

  • Theoretical inputs

  • Concrete enabling tools

  • Co-construction of dynamic projects

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My role as a coach

  • To listen, to look kindly on

  • To question, reformulate, and clarify

  • To make emerge, to reveal

  • To analyze, and sometimes to confront

  • To widen the field of vision

  • To invite to experiment

  • To accompany, to guide

  • To encourage, stimulate

  • To project into action

  • To send with confidence


Professionalism, positivity and benevolence: my credo

Certified “professional coach” RNCP II, I practice in accordance with the rules of ethics that the coaching profession requires and guaranteed by the EMCC France of which I am a member andresponsible for the Manche department (50).
I am therefore supervised and am part of a continuous professional development process (training, reading specialized books, sharing practices among peers), which is a source of enrichment and encourages me to update my skills. he values I embody in my relationships are also those I like to pass on to my clients:


Each coaching has its own tailored approach

Active listening, emotion coaching, professional personality analysis, transactional analysis, non-violent communication, human element, creative approach, co-development…: these are all humanistic and effective tools, essential reference frameworks for which I am trained and on which I rely to facilitate your evolution.

But above all, I believe in the inestimable value of the coach’s questioning and his sincere and benevolent feedback, which enriches awareness, gives constructive insights and invites us to dare to move forward, to move, to surpass ourselves.

Whether it is a question of defining an professional reconversion or orientation, to better live a transition, to learn to better manage one’s emotions, to co-construct a company’s strategic reflection or to harmonize relationships within a team, I build my tailor-made accompaniment, by carefully choosing theapproach adjusted to your needs, your context, your rhythm.

The variety of my missions stimulates me, invites me to stay on the move and enriches each accompaniment with enriching experiences.

Individual Coaching
Team coaching
Orientation Coaching
Expatriate Coaching
Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true.

Martin Luther King


Human relations: my background and

my core business

Clotilde Boyer
Clotilde BoyerCertified coach, consultant and trainer

Certified coach, consultant and trainer:

A career path that complements:

  • 10 years of individual and collective coaching, including 9 years as co-manager and founder of the consulting firm “come and become”.

  • 10 years as head of external and internal communications in several meaningful organizations

Several enriching professional trainings:

  • Professional coach certified RNCP II, Paris School of Coaching

  • Certified Coach “Expat Communication Coach Academy”

  • Master’s degree in “Communication Officer”, option Human Resources and Marketing

  • Practitioner of the Professional Personality Analysis (A2P or CGP) and the “Talents Profile” test and professional interest tests

  • Coaching and managing with emotions

  • Project management through the creative process

  • Active listening

  • Technique and practice of meeting facilitation

  • English: B2+ level, First Certificate of English

Involvement in several professional networks

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Let’s meet!

Whether you are wondering about the definition of your professional project, a need for individual coaching, team coaching or organizational coaching, I invite you to dare to take the first step by contacting me. Let’s meet! I’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

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