Coaching to achieve your goals

How to go from the juxtaposition of individuals or a simple membership group to a genuine, even excellent team? How can you foster cooperation, cohesion and collective intelligence to achieve your transformation objectives?

These are your delicate missions as a leader whose “mysterious paradox”, as Pierre-Yves Gomez explains, is to be ” a person so singular that he/she creates the team”.

Coaching & Becoming offers support to all leadership functions in combining the “I” in the service of the “we”.

Identity, Vision, Mission and Human Resources

Your mission statement

You exercise leadership within a small or large structure and wish to :

  • To reveal or reformulate your organization’s common identity and values to embody them together

  • To integrate a new employee, discover his talents and let your new team uniqueness emerge together.

  • To give a new meaning to work and unite your team towards a common goal

  • To determine and share your corporate vision and deploy it with everyone

Our team coaching

If you want to trace your right furrow, hook your plough to a star,” advised Guy de Larigaudie.

Compared to team-building, team coaching is not only an effective form of coaching for team cohesion and team dynamics, but above all for collective achievement. To formulate your corporate vision is:

  • To set a direction

  • To focus the energies

  • To help everyone find their own place

  • To draw the area of your action.

Through half-days or days of collective coaching in which we will have together defined the operational objectives, I will be at your side to guide your reflection, reveal the rich complementarity of talents, point out the relational processes and gradually develop the autonomy of your team. My role as an executive coach is to be a coordinator, enabler and mediator at the same time

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Leading collaborative projects in companies

Your context

An ambitious project to lead? A problem to resolve? A new orientation to find? New ideas to be imagined? As many different contexts where the stakes are :

  • To mobilize energies and encourage everyone’s involvement in a common project

  • To support, step by step, the change in your organization

  • To lead a collective strategic reflection in order to find solutions together

  • To develop your team’s creativity through a participatory method

Our coaching

Coaching & Becoming provides support and consulting missions through participative project management services, co-constructed to measure with each manager for :

  • To lead a collaborative project from the challenge to the action plan

  • To foster cooperation

  • To combine pleasure and efficiency

  • To bring out new solutions

When combined with coaching tools, the creative process offers a structuring framework and open spaces for collective intelligence that multiplies ideas and energies tenfold! In this way, each person, each team, each organization becomes an actor of its own change!

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Leadership: managing ourselves and others

Your challenges

You manage teams and you aim to :

  • To become more legitimate and take on your full leadership stature

  • To share your professional concerns with other leaders to break isolation and learn from their experiences.

  • To improve work-life balance

  • To adopt new managerial practices in order to better delegate, communicate, develop synergies and manage relationship difficulties.

Our coaching

« The best things that happen in the business world are not the result of one man’s work. It’s the work of a whole team » Steve Jobs

But the background of an organization is very often a mirror image of the personality of its leader. Coaching & Becoming therefore helps you to better embody your leadership behaviour. As an HR consultant and trainer, I offer you different training formats, individual or collective, to develop your professional skills:

  • executive coaching

  • management coaching

  • workshops or training-action sessionstailored to inter or intra-company needs

  • co-development among peers…

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How do you pay for your trainees?

Your challenges

Are you interested in financing solutions?

Each person, each team, each project and each context is unique.

Every coaching as well.

That’s why I work to measure and build a unique proposal, tailored to your needs.

Our financing solutions

Depending on your objectives and the support format (coaching, consulting, training), there are different financing solutions because we are a registered training organization, validated by Datadock.

Do not hesitate to contact me and discuss this financial issue very simply so that we can study together what solution to implement.

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The difficulty is not to find men who obey or men who command, but men who walk together.

Georges Bernard Shaw

They testify

« The most important contribution is that of your eyes, neutral and professional. The second is confidence. The third is that I felt accompanied and not directed. »

Christophe Poupon, Headmaster of the Lycée Thomas Hélye

« Taking a step back, thinking outside the box, thinking together thanks to a project management method gives us better visibility to prioritize and plan our actions. »

Fabrice Fléchet, Director of the Cherbourg-Normandie Technopole

5 steps for our interventions

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Whether you are an HR Director, businessman, executive or manager at the head of a department within a company (VSE, SME, key accounts), a local authority, a school or an association, I offer you a first meeting without obligation. There is no substitute for a meeting to consider a future collaboration in confidence with a professional coach!